Customize the tests

Training is good, de-training is better!

Always training with the same test parameters makes you more efficient for these particular parameters. But on the day of the exam, the test parameters are very likely to change. You have thus conditioned yourself to succeed with the wrong values.

EPLtest allows you to use custom parameters for the tests. You can therefore condition yourself to a multitude of possibilities, and have a big advantage over the other candidates at the exam.

How does it work?

On the test preview screen, click on the wrench button, next to the start button. You will then be able to create, copy or delete your own variant of the test.

Note: if your subscription doesn't have this feature, the wrench button will be grayed out.


The “Himalayan Trucker” test parameters at the exam almost always change from one session to another. EPLtest allows you to set each and every parameter of the test, allowing you to practice an infinity of variants, and to arrive solidly prepared at the exam.

Example of parameters available for the “Himalayan Trucker” test.
Example of parameters available for the “Himalayan Trucker” test.

Customizable tests

The following tests are currently customizable in EPLtest. Feel free to suggest new ones to us.