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Successfully pass your psychotechnical pilot tests by training with EPLtest.

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Ultra-realistic tests

We have reproduced as accurately as possible the psychotechnical and psychomotor tests that you will have at the exam. For several years, former candidates have been with us to help us perfect EPLtest.

Compete with others

At the end of each test, you get your rank compared to the other candidates, exactly as in the exam. Since most candidates are on EPLtest, you already have a good estimate of your level.

Anywhere, Anytime

You can train as much as you want, even without Internet connection. With the Android app, you can train on your smartphone and your tablet in addition to your computer.

Customize the tests

Training is good, de-training is better! Change the tests parameters at will to prepare you for all eventualities, and come wih a huge advantage at the exam. Learn more.

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Come discover for free and without obligation the tests that you will have in the exam. You will have access to all our tests for 2 days, as if you subscribed. Register now.

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